Bob's Pacific Crest Trail Oregon Trip

I hiked northbound through Oregon on the PCT this summer. These pages are meant to motivate and record my planning, training, and success.

I had never done more than 60 miles in one trip before; Oregon promised nearly 500 miles. This trip provided me with an excellent taste for long distance hiking. A slideshow and my journal from my Oregon PCT trip is online.

My ambitions are to divide the trail into three segments, each consisting of one state: Oregon in '97, Washington in '98, the whole PCT in 2000(?). I don't realistically know when I plan to hike California but most likely it will actually be on a thru hike from Mexico to Canada.

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I have found the people on the PCT mailing list to be helpful and friendly. The QC hiking list is a good source for finding hiking partners locally.



The following is a summary of the Oregon PCT as I hiked it during August of 1997. The days indicated with ** were resupply days. The mileage is estimated and included side trips.
Date End Location Hiking Miles Highlights
July 27** Medford 0 Last day in society
July 28 Long John Saddle 12 cows, no rain, OR/CA border
July 29 beyond I-5 19 Callahans, woodpecker, wildflowers, llamas
July 30 Fenced in Spring 8 Pilot Rock, other thru-hikers, rain
July 31** Hyatt Lake 15 50 miles, Huburt Bluf, dragonflies
Aug 1 Big Spring 15 deer, coyotes at night, no people
Aug 2 Hwy 140 (Fish Lake) 15 Lava, lava, lava, no people
Aug 3 Summit Lake 10 people, 3 lakes, mosquitos
Aug 4 Luther Mt. 12 Blue and CW, off trail for water, ridges
Aug 5 Jack's Spring 16 Devil's Peak, snow, intensity
Aug 6** Crater Lake NP (Mazama CG) 14 Elk, Oregon Desert, society(ick)
Aug 7 Grouse Hill 17 Crater Lake rim, martin, birthday, snow, Meadow Ed
Aug 8 Thielsen Creek Camp 17 views south, north, and up
Aug 9 Maidu Lake 12 lake, morning sun on Mt. Thielsen
Aug 10 Miller Lake 6 Jeff leaving the trail (lowlight)
Aug 11 Summit Lake 25 200 miles, Cowhorn Mt., Meadow Ed
Aug 12 unnamed green lake 16 Diamond Pk., snow, alpine meadow, the lake
Aug 13** South Rosary Lake 13 Willamette Pass Ski Lodge (food), Meadow Ed (again)
Aug 14 Charlton Lake 16 people, southbounders, Bobby Lake
Aug 15 Cliff Lake 18 snake, forest fire burn, lakes & ponds
Aug 16 Hinton Creek 22 weekend crowds, viewpoints, lava, meadows
Aug 17 Lava Camp Lake 18 flowers and lava and mountains, snow lake, 3 weeks
Aug 18** Santiam Pass 21 Bend, shower, lava tubes, 12 days song
Aug 19 3 Fingered Jack 5 clock shop in Sisters, Jeff continueing
Aug 20 Shale Lake 18 rain, clouds, fog, mist, drizzle, dampness
Aug 21 Breitenbush Lake 18 sunshine, Mt. Hood, snow on Jefferson Ridge, owl
Aug 22 almost Warm Springs River 23 Hood views, bear berries, 400 miles, clear cut hell
Aug 23 Dry Meadow 20 North part of Timothy Lake, Little Crater Lake, frogs
Aug 24** Paradise Park 20 White River canyon, Timberline Lodge
Aug 25 Salvation Spring 19 Paradise Park, Bald Mt., river crossings, Elisa/Jean
Aug 26 Wahtum Lake 18 Lost Lake, rain on ridge, moss, slugs, oreos, sunrise
Aug 27 Cascade Locks 17 osprey, ice cream, home, done, fini
Total . 495 .
Aug 28 Eugene . Drop off Jeff
Aug 29 Portland . Powell's Bookstore
Aug 30 Seattle . Bumbershoot
Aug 31 Seattle . Bumbershoot
Sept 1 Portland 5 Forest Park in NorthWest Portland
Sept 2 San Diego . Fly from Portland

I've digitized some of the photos from the trip along with the journal pages. Follow the links from the schedule above.


After deciding where and when the interesting challenge becomes
what to take. Weight is critical. Eating and survival is necessary. Having fun is very dependant on both.

Oregon is simplier than the Sierras or Washington in September. The Sierras require an ice ax and cold weather gear. Washington requires lots of rain gear. Oregon is perfect except for mosquitos.


An interesting debate is whether I should hike North to South or the California border to the Washington border. I am pretty certain I want to hike northbound but here are my reasons:
Northbound Plus Southbound Plus
Can continue hiking into Washington Can continue hiking into California
end at Cascade Locks, 20 miles from home Start at Cascade Locks on familiar terrain
Mt Hood river crossings later Closer to support base (Hood River) early in trip
Follow the traffic flow Meet everyone going north
Southern part ealier (more water) .


August proved to be the perfect month for hiking Oregon, besides hitting the wildflowers the entire time, neither snow nor water were ever a problem. We did hit some wonderful flocks of mosquitos that might not be encountered later in the season but we did hit rain for the majority of the last week which frightens me about hiking much later into the season.

Hiking Logs

A slideshow and my journal from my 1997
Oregon PCT trip is online so that you don't have to wait for me to drag out my photo album or for something to inspire me to tell a PCT story.

For those more interested about local hikes, I've tried to compile my Training Trip Reports which includes a bunch of local routes. Watch the QC hiking mailing list for my invitations to join me on my monthly hikes. The best suggestion for hiking in San Diego is to get a copy of Jerry Schad's Afoot and Afield in SD.

Bob Mitchell :: Last Update: Sept 7, 1997.